Hands up who has ever lost something! If you have ever accidentally lost your keys, wallet, your mobile phone or your favourite accessory, you will certainly appreciate the innovative idea of our clients who have decided to deal with the frustration associated with the loss of these things. Their goal was to increase the success rate of finding the lost items, which is usually zero. By creating „Vrat.to“ community and marking your belongings, the probability of returning lost belongings increases by up to 80%.

Our goal

We are very happy that we could take part in this project, which increases the chances of getting to your lost things and helps to create a community of people who help each other. The project aimed to present the idea of our clients on a clear page with the possibility of purchasing labels for different items marked with a unique code (return), thanks to which it is possible to ensure the return of a lost item to the person who lost it. On the Vrat.to website, it is possible to purchase and activate a ticket, and at the same time, it is possible to report the found item marked with a code so that it can be returned to the owner.




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