The Centre for Information on Literature

The Centre for Information on Literature of the Slovak Republic (LIC - Literárne informačné centrum) is a conceptual documentation centre in the sphere of literature in Slovakia and abroad. One of its main tasks is to collect and preserve documentary evidence concerning literary life development and to create a database containing relevant information. This extensive database and news from the literary world are captured in a comprehensive information portal with over two million pages.

Our goal

Our goal was to improve the visual aspect of the website, but primarily to ensure a smooth database migration with more than 11,000 Slovak writers, translators, illustrators and reviewers along with their 49,000 databases of their books and articles. Today, users can enjoy a clear view, advanced search options and detailed description of their favourite books and authors in a compact and user-friendly interface. Also, there is an online library of periodicals published by LIC such as Literary Revue or children literary magazine Slniečko with over 600 published editions and related articles.




    Significant Slovak authors with a wide publishing activity have their profile page with details about their life and books. Any articles that mention an author is automatically displayed on their profile page. In the future, a notebook for every living author will be added with the possibility of adding live updates from their work and life.


    The Centre for Information on Literature regularly publishes its periodicals. Monthly magazines such as Literary Revue or children literary magazine Slniečko can also be seen in Slovak newsstands. It is also possible to read them using an online library on the new website.


    Finding authors, their articles, reviews, and works is now easier and more user-friendly. You can search for different types of content using basic keywords. The books can be searched through an advanced filter according to book genre, the original language, the year or the country of issue and so on.


    Every week, a number of literary, art events and competitions take place. In order to inform the public about the possibility of joining or supporting them, we have created their current overview in the Events and Competitions section. In the coming months, there will also be a visual calendar mapping all these events with the ability to filter them depending on the category of the event.

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