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Web presentations development


 With our presentations we will shoot your busines right to the top, and from there you can watch your competition fall behind. Original design, responsivity and timelessness are our mantras.

We are creating web portals and company web pages that perfectly fit the needs of your business. Our portfolio is made of company and product presentations, with blogs, news, and also information and reservation portals. 

We are using open source solutions for creating web presentations which brings you 2 main benefits. They are technologically strong and affordable.
A content managment system (CMS) is part of all of our presentations, this makes editing and managing content easy for our clients.

We offer free consultations for our clients, that's why you should use this opportunity to get more information about making web presenatations, current trends and about solutions for your business for free.

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Vývoj mobilných aplikácii iOS a Android


Be mobile, informed and especially don't loose contact – these are the priorities of successful people that can be fulfilled by mobile apps. 

Mobile applications and their development are without a doubt a phenomenon of the last decade. Boom of mobile connectivivty and mobile devices revealed unimagined options. Their use has not been limited to only exploring web pages, work related and private communication.

Development of mobile appliacations and continual creation of new applications revealed additional options; mobile applications are used for fun, work, business, education, active rest, culture and sport purposes meanwhile they find use in just about every area of human activity. Affordability of devices and mobile telecommunication data services caused that mobile applications for iOS and Android devices have become very popular. We are making them... and our apps are good...

We are developing mobile applications that best fit your needs, so we can help you to get started, evolve and streamline your business. If your goal is to be more succesfull than your competition, we'll gladly help you with that. Development of mobile applications is our mission, that's why you'll find quialified professionals in our team which are ready give you advice and you with the initial idea, suggest you custom solutions and direct your mobile application and business on the way to the success. 

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Mobilné aplikácie iOSiOS

Products of Apple are percieved as things of prestige, design and lifestyle. Their philosophy has enabled them to reach millions of customers worldwide for whom the AppStore contains more than 2 million apps to choose from. Apple products like iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch are not only a consumer article, but also a fashion accessory and work tool. All these features are making products using the iOS platform the most successful product line on global market, that's why when your thinking about a mobile application, you simply can't skip a mobile application for iOS.

It is our policy to provide our clients with free consultations, that's why you should use this unique oportunity to get more information about creating mobile applications, curent trends and solutions for your business for free. 

Mobilné aplikácie AndroidAndroid OS

In the present, the most widespread operataing system for mobile applications that is representing a unique platform for wide spectrum of manufacters of mobile devices with its openness and variability. Devices that are using the Android platform are offering versatility and indepence from hardware to its costumers.
More than 2.2 milion mobile applications are available to download through Google Play services. Android offers developers unlimited options for developing a wide range of products ranging from wearables through smartfones and set-top boxes to its widely spread use in the automobile industry.

It is our policy to provide our clients with free consultations, that's why you should use this unique oportunity to get more information about creating mobile applications, curent trends and solutions for your business for free. 

Custom online store, eshop development


Get an advantage over your competition with a custom eshop. Eshop is the best selling tool in the current digital age. The importance of having an online store grows every day and you cannot run a successful business without one these days.

The development and launch of an eshop is not enough. You constantly have to improve it in order to make it profitable. During developement, we always try to think as your customers in order to make it easy to naviagte for them and to make it easy to manage for you. We can integrate our custom online store with many other apps and information systems your business uses on a day-to-day basis, such as accounting applications, stock management or production systems, in order to make your workflow more effective.

We can develop a modern and functional online store with extensive KPI statistics, orders statistics and an overview of the buying behaviour of your customers. We can implement all payment gateways on the market as well as integrate your shop with product price comparison engines.

We offer free consultations. Do not miss the opportunity to get more information about online stores, current trends and solutions for your business for free.

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Custom web applications development


We create custom information systems. Whether you need a simple web application to give your business a new dimension or a complex database-driven solution interconected with different systems, we can provide a solution that fits your needs.

Websites, nowadays, are more than simple presentations. They are being transformed into web applications helping you to run your business more effectively. Web applications such as booking and planning systems, calendars, team and project management tools interconnected with other applications in your organisation, economic and stock management systems. The use of such applications is now an integral part of running a moden business.

We offer free consultations. Do not miss the opportunity to get more information about web applications, trends and solutions for your business.

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Čo dokáže mama


PPI Adhesive Products

ActivIT consultation - coffee




  • 08 MAR

    ActivIT created a unique web presentation of the historically first scout center in the world, founded in 1923 by Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement. This World Scout Centre is located in the heart of Swiss Alps, in small traditional village Kandersteg. The Centre welcomes over 13,000 guests each year from more than 50 different countries. We are very proud to be a partner of the Centre that wants to create a better world of sustainability and peace through international scouting and educating young people.

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  • 08 MAR

    We are glad to see that our work brings our clients a great feeling and makes their dreams come true! Today, the 500th mom, who wanted to turn her passion into a small business and fulfill her dreams, registered on the portal “Čo dokáže mama” created by ActivIT. "We are so happy! The web is clear and it is so easy for the moms to work with it! Thanks for everything. You are the best web development company in Slovakia (and we know what we are talking about, because we have tried a lot of them and have lost a lot of money) ", says Andrea Kováčová, the founder of the project. We wish you, all women and mothers a beautiful International Women Day!

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  • 07 SEP

    Even this year some of us have been playing sports and relaxing on successful weekly teambuilding action of the year. We have teamed up forces, colleagues and friends of ActivIT and BLACK COFFEE in the second week of September. Together we measured our strengths with others in yacht competition in northern Dalmatia. 15 ships competed, and despite the rupture of the rope on the main sail during the 2nd cruise, we finally enjoyed the 3rd and 4th place! Exceptional place and exceptional placement is the result of the REGATA action...

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  • 20 AUG

    Become a part of most  comprehensive leisure portal Tamto.sk from ActivIT. Tamto.sk offers the best guide to Slovakia and the opportunity to advertise and promote all kinds, sizes and ways of events. Events! Interesting facts! Service! All in one place! Discover together ...

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  • 20 APR

    Successful producer of shading technic K-system speeds up ordering process of products for buyers through the new system MyKsystem from ActivIT.

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