ČSOB Leasing

In the case of ČSOB Leasing, a leader in the Slovak leasing market offering comprehensive leasing and insurance solutions, we proposed the possibility of using innovative digital solutions to bring the company even closer to the B2B segment and the B2C segment.

Our goal

The subject of our proposal was the redesign of ČSOB Leasing and ČSOB Leasing Repredaj websites into one user-friendly, responsive, visually uniform and original website with simple administration, through which we wanted to underline ČSOB Leasing's position as the best leasing company in the B2B segment.


    A new artificial intelligence functionality that makes the user know everything easily and naturally. Chat bot consists of a set of questions and offers answers. These are supposed to help the user to read with the robot, which replaces the workforce in the product support team.


    As a result of chat bot chatting, the goal is to leave the customer still engaged and informed. The user can fill out a dynamic online form to calculate the amount of leasing for passenger cars or commercial vehicles.


    On the site you would be able to browse through the list of offers (autocomplete), filter over the list of offers by parameters like commodity type, brand, model, year, price, mileage below. The system would be also able to send a notification to sales representatives, post a bid, posting a notice). Some areas on the site may be used for marketing purposes such as newsletter subscriptions.


    Our graphic design of the ČSOB Leasing website is integrated with the ČSOB Repredaj website design and is consistent with the design of the Československá obchodní banka, a.s. Our design is focused on lead collection, original layout, perfect hierarchical information structure and emphasizes the use of innovative solutions and communication benefits.

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