For the client KOFOLA a.s. we prepared an interactive online world with a lot of interactive content and games. This massive multiplayer online game (MMO) was collected with 40 rooms and places with 75 single and multiplayer games. JUPIK virtual world was played by 210,000 active players in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Our goal

The aim of the project was to promote the juice beverages for kids by developing a virtual world for kids to play in. The virtual world has been connected with the real one using unique codes found on bottle lids.Jupik world was developed on the real-time platform Smartfox server as a 2.5D children's world. Children could play with 2D, and later on 3D avatars. They ran around the map and all places and play games, collect points, buy things, discover a world of fun and games.


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